10 Cute Things to Add to Your Wardrobe in July

One question I get from you a lot this time of year is what you should buy now. A lot of us seem to be caught in the middle of our wardrobe.

Some want to still get that cute summer dress or top or shorts. And others want to begin to buy for fall, many fearing that they need to buy now or risk losing out on the hot fashion items that might come and go before they can snare them.

In past years I would have thought about adding a cute sweater or jacket or pair of pumps now but not in 2021.

We’ve all been sitting at home for a year and only now have we been able to go out and mingle a little. We’re back to meeting with friends and back to dining in restaurants and back to enjoying life.

So this year I am all about the here and now. July for me will mean adding to my summer wardrobe. Summer outfits and summer dresses and summer shoes are the only items I’m looking for. This won’t change until the end of August. Why? Because I deserve it and so do you.

Below I show you several items checked off my list that remain on it. Maybe there is something there for you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. The summer of you. You deserve it.

boyfriend jeans


armani jeans
A new pair of summer jeans. Jeans aren’t just for the winter and, depending on the weather, a great-fitting pair of jeans and cute top still make the perfect outfit almost anyplace. I like the Armani jeans and our brand of mom jeans above (they are on sale!) but you can get anything that suits you and put together a great summer outfit.
polka dot dress
Boho mini dress
 A cute summer dress. Nothing feels better than this on a hot summer day. You can add a belt and be out the door looking wonderful. I love the boho casual mini above and the polka dot dress. They can go anywhere. but we have dozens of others and there is sure to be one you like.
Made in Italia - DIAMANTE-CAM free shipping - Allebazi
Guess heels 
 A sexy pair of shoes. I love these heels from Guess and Made in Italia but you can get an adorable pair for any look. I find few things more enjoyable than buying shoes. You might never find me in the same pair twice.
summer blouse
A sweet summer blouse can make a bland outfit fabulous. I love this long-sleeve satin number and the puff-sleeve blouse above but we have many. Remember to focus on fit and find one you can wear with more than one thing.
 A new summer bag can be a wonderful thing. I like brighter colors because they seem to say summertime to me. I like the Michael Kors  purse and Guess bag above but take a look and grab one. Most can go with nearly anything and I have never regretted a cute new bag.


I hope you're having a wonderful summer! Maybe it will be the best one yet.