5 tips for how to wear a dress in winter

One of the most asked questions we get during the cold weather months is ‘how do I wear a dress in winter.’ This is interesting because I’m thinking maybe only a few of us really want to do this. Let’s face it a nice new pair of jeans and cute sweater or blouse with some kind of trendy looking scarf or jacket is probably a much better choice than a dress.

But sometimes you have no choice. You have a meeting at work you need to look good for or a dinner invitation to some swank café or it’s the holidays or someone’s birthday and a dress just seems like the right thing to do - like it or not.

So here is my best advice for how to wear a dress in winter:

5. Leggings and tights can save you. They can keep you warm, add some color and flare, and generally make it way, way more tolerable to take on the elements waiting outside your door. You can mix and match them with any dress or skirt – long or short – and unless you live on some already frozen wasteland they will help you make it through your dress event.

You can check out our leggings and tights. We have them stocked in lots of colors and thicknesses to match your look and your environment. Some of the fleece tights pictured below and inside the link come with an extra layer and high waistband to keep you warm in winter.

How to wear a dress in winter
How to wear a dress in winter

4. And very few things are as trendy this year as a knitted dress. Long or midi you see them now everywhere. Try them with an A-line or straight silhouette, with asymmetrical skirts and high necklines, side slits and front slits make you look both sexy and fashionable, and basic colors seem to go with more things in your closet. Oh! Don’t forget you can break things up and add some style with a belt.

How to wear a dress in winter

The high-neck, ribbed sweater dress seen above is a best-seller. It fits to shape, looks elegant, is inexpensive and will definitely keep your warm if you want to wear a dress in winter.

3. Don’t like sweater dresses or knit dresses? That’s really not that big of a problem despite the thermometer. Find a nice long and warm sweater to match a fall or even summer dress and you can still make it through your day without freezing and in style. Look through our collection of sweaters and you’ll find many long, cardigan sweaters that look great with a dress or skirt.

How to wear a dress in winter

The cardigan above looks great and won’t break your bank account.

Or you can try this cardigan above with pockets for a little more flair and style.

2. BTW, don’t forget the top of your outfit. A cute hat can beat the cold and look stylish in the weather. Hot this year is a French beret. They are both beautiful and fashionable and can work with a sweater, coat or winter jacket. Our beret below is made for the cold and looks fabulous.

1. And finally your footwear will matter. A pair of short or tall suede or leather boots are perfect. Match them to your outfit and don’t be afraid to let a colorful pair of socks peek out of your chelseas.

The casual boots below come with a sole that is perfect for cold weather and can be styled to match nearly any outfit.

How to wear a dress in winter


I hope this helps and really hope you stay warm in your dress!


Izabella Allebazi