5 trendy women's sweaters you can wear to work

It’s very easy to let fashion complicate your life. You are standing there in the morning in front of a large wardrobe of clothes on hangers or in drawers or stacked on a nearby chair or even piled in a corner and you wonder how on this day you will pull together something that looks good and doesn’t look like something you have worn 1,000 times.

I would tell you to take a step back from that closet or away from those piles of clothes and give yourself a break. Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. It should, in fact, be fun. Just take it piece-by-piece and go from there.

Today let’s look at women’s sweaters and how and why to wear them to work. Granted, it’s corona time and lots of us don’t go to work but many of us still do, and often you find yourself confronted with an ultra-casual office. The sweater is a perfect fit for every woman.

You can wear them with skirts and trousers and jeans. Wear them with a turtleneck or open front. Wear them as a cardigan sweater or with a woman’s blouse underneath. Wear them with long or short women’s boots that match to color. Wear them with accessories, like long necklaces or cute bracelets. Wear them with a matching bag and look very chic. You can even wear them with a low neckline – just add a colorful scarf if you’re going to the office. They are a great way to bring style and comfort to a day in the office.

Below are five sweaters I think are fabulous for the office:

5 trendy sweaters you can wear to the office

This woolen, short cardigan is trendy and cute. Match it with a nicer pair of trousers or jeans and it will make your day at work a little brighter. The large gold buttons add a little flair without having to accessorize. Feel free though to wear it with a necklace and maybe add a bracelet or watch.


5 trendy sweaters you can wear to the office

This black turtleneck makes me want to go to work! Beautiful fit and material that is really high in quality. It’s a perfect look for the office but you could also wear it about anyplace else you might go. It looks best with a form-fitting skirt with short matching boots. Add a long necklace for some flare.

inexspensive cardigan sweater

This stylish and inexpensive cardigan is a must-have. Notice the model wears it with a top underneath and dresses up the outfit with very nice accessories. Both great ideas that make an average look a fantastic look with very little effort. If you wear it over a dress or skirt make sure it’s as long or just a little bit longer than those pieces. A very great thing about it is it’s perfect for a weekend look with a nicer pair of jeans as well

5 trendy sweaters you can wear to the office

I don’t know what is better about this cardigan – its versatility or it’s look or its price. You can wear this one too with a skirt or dress. You don’t need accessories with this one but if you do try a longer necklace. One nice extra – you can wear it like a jacket on a cool spring day and so it gives you a little more wear than a lot of sweaters will.

5 trendy sweaters you can wear to the office

And finally, I love this little cashmere pullover for the office. It’s simple yet elegant. Its polo neck looks great with a skirt or trousers or even jeans. You don’t need to dress it up but a watch or bracelet would add some flare.

I’d say have fun at the office but sometimes that’s a stretch. Whatever your situation take a few of these tips and at the very least you’ll look great.