Our Top Ideas for Spring and Summer Tops and Shorts

It’s nearly Spring and with Spring comes a whole new season for making a fashion statement. And few statements get made more often than the ultra-casual look women get when they find the perfect pair of shorts and match it with the perfect top.

They can be denim shorts or short-shorts or khaki shorts or cotton shorts or shorts for sports or knee-length shorts. It does not matter. Women love the look for shorts and a nice top, whether it is a short-sleeved blouse, long-sleeve blouse, t-shirt, strapless top, spaghetti strap top, or a carmen shirt.

Women often ask what shoes can be worn with shorts. The answer is usually pretty simple – open-toe sandals, roman sandals, high-strap sandals, and really any flip flop will work very well. Depending on the outfit, you can always go with a sports shoe, like Chucks or a trainer.

Below are some of my pics for trendy shorts, tops, and shoes for this Spring when you are in a casual mood.

Belted Shorts In Crochet Lace
summer beach blouse
Floral Print Summer Cotton Blouse
Beaded Scallop Layered Hem Shorts Crepe Georgette
Solid Long Sleeves Crop Top and Stretchy Shorts Set
Summer Red Floral Print A-line Elastic Waist Boho Shorts
Women's Linen Top\
pinstripped crop top
I hope you liked this group as much as I do. In a few days I'll be back with my blog on Spring footware with a lot of new and really cute shoes, sandals and flip flops.