Fashion trends: The 5 best jeans for women right now

We get asked all the time what jeans for women are the best. Or what jeans are the trendiest? What jeans are people buying and even where can I buy women’s jeans at? But the truth is none of the answers to these questions matter as much as the answer to this question: What jeans make you happy when you wear them?

The jeans you want to wear are those that give you confidence. They are the jeans that are like an old friend. The jeans that always look good when you look in the mirror. The jeans that make you look like you want to look in a pair of jeans.

What jeans are in style?

Mom jeans. Boyfriend jeans. Ripped jeans. Distressed jeans. There are even some buying bell-bottom jeans again. And, of course, versions of all of those styles in black. They are all in fashion now. Like any good pair of jeans they can make you feel great to wear them and you can look great in them.

But more than a great cut or design is needed this year. We all need to consider the new reality we live with every day, in a lifestyle that is as at-home as in the office and far more casual than we are used to.

What works for you is up to you. But below are some examples of some jeans I like best because they look great and feel great and I think a lot of women would be happy in them.

5. Easy designer jeans
Easy designer jeans - trendy jeans, best jeans
These nicely-priced jeans from Allebazi exude confidence. They are a wider, more relaxed cut but narrow a bit at the bottom and are long enough to be rolled and create a slimming look as they go on. Great for heels or flats and feel free to show a little ankle. A nice sweater, blouse or jacket will work with these.
4. Distress drawstring ripped jeans
 Distress Drawstring Ripped Jean
These beautiful jeans can look as elegant as they do sporty. You can dress them up with a nice blouse or jacket and go anywhere from the office to dinner. You can wear them casual as well with a nice top or t-shirt. The shoes are up to you. Heels or trainers would go very well.
3. Valerie In Another Day In Paradise
mid rise crop straight, classic fit mom jeans
Their name is a little offbeat but their style is perfect. These trendy jeans look great and fit even better. Wear them to a dinner party, out for a walk, or even on the occasional trip to the office. I love them with the heels you see here but the right casual shirt could easily see them with a pair of flats or short boots. Be ready for your legs to look a little longer - which is normally a good thing.
2. High-Waist Boyfriend Jeans
high-waist-boyfriend-jeans trendy and best
Here's a warning for you: Your boyfriend may not be as versatile as these jeans. And he's probably not nearly as inexpensive. Roll them up. Wear them with heels. Go to a meeting. Take the kids to the grocery. No matter what you want to do these jeans will give you a nice look to do it in. Love the flats here and the blouse but you could also go up or down with your style and they would still work for you.
1. High-waist mom jeans
the best high waist mom jeans. trendy style
Let's face it. Mom jeans are all the rage right now. These are very cute and offer a little closer fit than most while giving you some extra style around the ankle and waist. You can wear them with any shoes from heels to sneakers and look perfect. A cute blouse or t-shirt would be very nice. Stand in line at a summer picnic (socially distanced) or go on a walk with your partner and you are in control of your look. What makes them nicer is a very good price.
So those are my five right now. Next week I might change. I love jeans, especially right now and especially with the right accessories and bag.