The Best and Most Stylish Shoes for Spring and Summer

So I need to admit something to you, dear reader. I love shoes. It's true. If you were to walk around my flat and open a drawer there is a very good chance you would find a dozen shoes stored inside. They say it is good to own shoes for every occasion. But I'm pretty sure there are not nearly enough occasions for all the shoes I own.

That confession needs to be followed by one more. This is one of my favorites times of the year for shoes. Spring and Summer shoes bring a new and different and fun look to your fashion and style and the right pair of shoes or sandals or thong flip flops with the right outfit can make your day seem so much better.

The what else is I love the comfort shoes bring at this time of year. They are easy on and easy off and your feet stay cool and dry and feel great all day long.
Now what shoes are in is up for debate. The summer choices are so varied it's hard to pick one over another. But the most popular styles now do include:
1. Anything with a chain or metal stud or button or snap.
2. Elevated sandals or flip flops
3. Thin strap stilettos.
4. Decorated sandals. Anything with a floral design is really in.
5. Shoes or sandals with clear straps. This minimalist look is very popular.

And so below I have picked out a large sampling of some Spring and Summer shoes that hit every trend and style change going on right now in footwear.
floral sandal for summer and spring
orange sandal for spring or summer
tan patterened sandals
suede leather sandals
High Heels with Rivet Metal Decoration
So that is it for now. I wish you happy shopping and an even happier Spring and Summer.